KnockOff is a one-on-one fast paced fighting game, in which two players use a variety of attacks such as air combos, assisted moves and special powers to knock out their opponent. it uses a 6 button layout and classic control with a flexible gameplay where you can make combinations creatively.

Knock Off is a fun and exciting game that is sure to appeal to fans of fighting games and toy enthusiasts alike. The game features a variety of characters, each with their own unique moveset and abilities. The stages are full of iconic childhood references and Easter eggs that will keep you coming back for more. Knock Off is a great choice for gamers of all skill levels, and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

The game’s setting is a truly unique twist on the genre, featuring action figure toys engaged in friendly battles within a young boy’s bedroom. These battles are fueled by the imagination of children, creating a hidden world where these toys come to life. The plot intensifies with the introduction of a powerful new toy, whose elitist views lead to a head-to-head clash with the older knock-off toys. The destiny of imagination rests in your hands.


Wielding the legendary Axe of Might, Kronan embarks on an unending quest to save the realm of Elderholme from the sinister grip of Lord Grimrot and his malevolent Legion of Blight. Leading a fellowship of valiant warriors, known as the Eternal Protectors, sworn to defend the kingdom of Elderholme. Harnessing the enigmatic Eldertech, a technology bestowed by the ancients who shaped the very fabric of their planet, Kronan and his allies stand as a beacon of hope against the encroaching abyss.


Meet Wolfgang, when he’s not executing killer moves as an in-line skater or scaring the locals by catching some gnarly waves he’s kicking some serious butt and taking names with his brothers Bach and Ludwig. Trained in the martial arts by Sensei Sawdust, Wolfgang leads his group of Young Mutated Lizard Warriors against the secret criminal organization The Palm Clan, and their evil leader The Grinder. He may be the least responsible of the group but his wits and wicked sense of humor make up for his teenage antics.


King Allbright, once a revered warrior-king, was consumed by grief following his wife’s demise. This grief drove him to harness the malevolent Dark Gem, ultimately leading to his descent into madness as Lord Grimrot. His relentless pursuit of power and immortality consumed his every thought. With the Dark Gem in his possession he created the Legion of Blight and seized Castle Elderholme, abruptly ending the king’s life. However, Kronan, the rightful heir, was saved by the wizard Ulkior, who spirited him away to recover the Axe of Might, a crucial key to unlocking the secrets of Eldertech. Kronan, alongside valiant warriors, formed the Eternal Protectors to thwart Grimrot’s sinister plans. Grimrot now scours the world in pursuit of Eldertech, driven by his insatiable thirst for power and his ambition to conquer the galaxy.


Oozebite, a colossal and comically bizarre monster, revels in his status as the self-proclaimed king of all things slimy. Sporting an abundance of snot and possessing immense strength, Oozebite’s brain may not be the quickest, but his wild, savage instincts make him a formidable adversary in battle. Hailing from the peculiar realm of Grossopolis, a dimension teeming with odd and revolting creatures, he unexpectedly found himself transported through a portal into our world. Now, with a singular mission to return to his kingdom, Oozebite’s wacky and relentless pursuit is a source of both amusement and apprehension for those who cross his path.


Rayzenger, a super robot created by Prof. Akio Iwabuchi, is Earth’s final defense against the Xenorians, an imminent interdimensional threat. Crafted from Luxantium, a unique alloy combining materials from the invaders’ dimension and Earth’s metals, Rayzenger boasts near-indestructible armor. Piloted by Kenji Iwabuchi, the professor’s son, using a psychic link they unite as the universe’s last defense against the Xenorian’s invasion.



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